About Us

Pictured from left to right is Anna, Renee, Sandra, Teresa

Dr. Teresa Stepp, Audiologist, opened the practice with the name Patriot Center for Hearing in September 2004 with a clear goal: to improve people’s lives through better hearing. Patriot Center for Hearing’s mission has always been a simple one, “we are dedicated to helping people with hearing loss through professional, quality care with compassion, kindness and understanding. We put our trust in God and look to Him for guidance in everything we do, realizing that we can do nothing without Him.” Our mission has not changed, but our name has. In the summer of 2021, we changed our name to Happy Hearing. This change was prompted by the challenges of 2020. There was no political agenda and we certainly did not lose our patriotism. It was the exact opposite. We wanted to do our small part to make this world, this country, this community shine. So we chose Happy and hope you do too. 🙂

The title of this page is “about us” but truly what we do is about you – listening to and addressing your specific communication concerns to ensure you are getting the best in care and service. The folks who come through our door will be met with a welcoming smile from Sandra, our Patient Care Coordinator. Renee is often behind-the-scenes taking care of things and also helps out up front when needed.

Your hearing care will be provided by professionals who are experts in hearing healthcare with a degree in Audiology, the science of hearing. You should never rely on a device or a salesperson for something as important as your hearing. Our Audiologists, Teresa Stepp, AuD, and Anna Woods, MS, are experts in evaluating the best course of treatment for you. If hearing aids are determined to be the best treatment plan, they carefully analyze which hearing aid brand, style and level of technology will help you with your specific communication concerns. This is accompanied with counseling to help you and your loved ones better understand the impact of hearing loss, strategies to improve communication, and of course use and care of your hearing aids. Your real-world needs and experiences will be monitored and the Audiologists will continue with you on this journey to better hearing. Whether it is enjoying your grandchild’s recital, staying active in the community, or continuing to keep pace in the workplace – we will be right there with you, helping you reach your goals.

Our office provides a complete range of diagnostic hearing services. Comprehensive hearing evaluations, tinnitus management, hearing aid fittings and repair, custom ear plugs and hearing protection, as well as rehabilitative and preventative counseling are just a few of the things we do on a regular basis. Our success is measured only by the satisfaction of our patients. It’s why we focus on delivering effective results with compassion, education, and integrity every step of the way.

Our loyal patients know they’re in good hands at Happy Hearing. After one visit to our office, you’ll see why so many people trust us with their hearing health.

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